I'm Dan Park



Daniel Jin Park




New York, NY

About me

Hi there, I'm Dan and I currently work as a senior developer at Pariveda Solutions and have strived to excel in web application development. I graduated from Bucknell University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and since then have developed a passion for software development. I enjoy solving complex business problems through a technology lense and have worked with various different industries (ecommerce, p2p payments, aerospace, telecommunications). Whether it's a problem with scaling a commercial application or creating an greenfield app, I say bring it on! In my spare time, I like to work on various different side projects and have been earger to learn more of the unknown. I also love to travel during my free time and play tennis.



Senior Web Engineer, 2019-2020

New York, NY

  • Harden XSS and authentication security risks on Django and express web frameworks raised by security team
  • Architect and develop EC2 to Kubernetes migration for a more seamless developer experience and leverage benefits of containerized systems. In addition, he automated much of the deployment process via integration with slack
  • Lead web framework migration from Django to ExpressJS and resolve complex routing logic on NGINX and envoy layers

Pariveda Solutions - Southwest Airlines

Senior Devops Developer, 2019

New York, NY

  • Architect blue green deployment strategy for deploying cyber security applications for various teams within the organization
  • Automate deployment orchestration process using groovy and Jenkins to optimize deployment time from days to a span of a few minutes
  • Design and develop deployment strategy from manual to configuration based deployments and further enable user flexibility in deploying custom applications through AWS cloudformation such as AMI specification

Slalom Consulting - Fulton Bank

Cloud Developer, 2018

Philadelphia, PA

  • Develop UI dashboards to visualize ingested data through Kinesis real time using Angular
  • Develop APIs to enable external systems to access data stored in s3 and RDS instances

Accenture Consulting - Verizon Communications

Fullstack Developer, 2017-2018

Philadelphia, PA

  • Manage integration with external platforms (Apigee, google) via web services API
  • Develop various components such as calendar date selection and order history pages using HTML, CSS, AngularJS

Accenture Consulting - Sonepar Electric

Production Support Specialist, 2016-2017

Philadelphia, PA

  • Lead over 20+ major and minor deployments on IBM Websphere commerce platform which encompasses code deployment, QA and testing